We found numerous groups that deal with spina bifida while doing our research to bring Buster home.  We read through their websites, studied their videos, and were encouraged by their legions of fans on Facebook.  They may not know us, but we know them! We are extremely grateful for the folks that have forged the path by providing education, care, and support. They are changing the landscape one dog at a time, and their efforts gave us confidence and inspiration to create our own website to raise awareness.

Ruff Patch Rescue

They take in all dogs, including those with special needs.  They have a resident German Shepherd, Hope with spina bifida, and they were the group that said yes to rescuing our Buster! Ruff Patch was a crucial link in the chain that brought Buster to us.


Hope is s 6 month old German Shepherd who was born with severe spinal deformities. After her family made the hard decision to surrender her to Ruff Patch Rescue, she is on the road to recovery and find her perfect forever home!

Mickey and The Padded Bum Crew
This was the first story of spina bifida I came across.  They have opened their lives to educate and share how amazing these dogs can be. Check out their “favorites” list! It was a lifesaver when we were just getting started.

Opie's "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue
The informative videos regarding care and techniques were crucial to helping us figure this out. We watched them over and over!  Youtube has a wealth of videos regarding care for special needs pups of all kinds that are very helpful.

Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Their dogs were part of the spina bifida stem cell research mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Lily’s Pad Rescue

Great group that always has their door open to rescuing special needs bulldogs.  Check out the adventures of Huck.

Video explaining:

https://www.facebook.com/LilysPadRescue/videos  diaper supply overview

https://www.youtube.com/ diaper changing video

Moe Moes Rescue of the Rockies
  diaper and outfit changing video

  • Men's suspenders from a Wal-mart.  
  • Diapers: Walgreens Certainty Adult Fitted Briefs, size M. 
  • For the boys: a womens poise pad in the front (helps prevent leaks). 
  • CornStarch instead of powder.

Buckeye Bulldog Rescue



Check out Alice and Rocco

Road Dogs and Rescue


Lone Star Bulldog Rescue


Austin Bulldog Rescue


Friends of Emma



Handicapped Pets

Amazing resource and support for all pets with “cap-abilities”

Eddie's Wheels



Diaper and Special Needs Pups Living Life to the Fullest:


​​Adventures of Deuce the spina bifida bulldog and his big siblings while helping dog rescues through monthly fundraisers.


Bonsai is an English Bulldog with multiple deformities.
He was born with just half of his spine, no pelvis and malformed rear legs.


Follow English Bulldog puppies Jasper & Jazzibell on their journey through physical therapy & rehabilitation.



Gus, aka Casey, adopted June 17, 2017 from Opie's Special Needs English Bulldog Rescue.
Gus has a lifetime of adventures ahead of him.


The ongoing adventures of Farnsworth, Griselda, Dice, Maggie, Pipsqueak, Matilda and Bixley. All rescues, and 4 have special needs.


The Flower Girls: Buttercup-(RIP), Petunia-(RIP), Rosebud-(RIP), Mamie, Dudley, and Rainey. We are rescued special needs Bulldogs that are always up to something!


Stewie is an Olde English Bulldogge that was rescued from a Nevada shelter after being dumped by his breeder due to having spina bifida.


Levi is a special English Bulldog with spina bifida. He wears his fancy pants an spenders proud do to his incontinence. Don't miss The Life n Levi's world



Scooter is a rescue, special needs English Bulldog born with Spina Bifida. Join Scooter on his daily adventures with his family & friends! Suspenders Rule!


Frogger is the perfect dog 2 year old dog minus a few health issues. He is urinary and bowel incontinent and has Spina Bifida


This page was inspire by Bizzy, a rescue dog with spina bifida currently lives in the booming metropolitan area of Bryan/College Station, Texas



Peanut was born with Spina Bifida and has no control of his bowel or bladder. Peanut was a foster of mine but after caring for him i fell in love with this special little guy!! If you stick around you will see just how amazing he is!!


A page about a special little Bullie with Spina Bifida. Lovingly adopted by Moor & Shad, gainfully employed as Canine Ambassador bywww.bulldoghavennw.org


Adele E Bean is the official pin-up girl for special needs rescue dogs. She has a spunk and an unmatched zest for life, despite having no back legs.


I was born with Spina Bifida. I like to make people laugh, eat, and nap.


Pickles aka Skye is a spina bifida bulldog that was rescued by Opie's "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue.

Two special needs babes livin the dream.


Follow the lives of Josie, Pickles, and Sheldon as they enjoy life at Lucky Dog Acres.


Hi my is Lola June I was sold as a mini bulldog but I have a type of dwarfism osteochrondoplasia .
Follow my journey with my new family in a new country!


The Diaper Divas are Ruby and Baby Leah, 2 special needs Bostons adopted from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue educating folks about dogs with spinal issues.


My name is Opal May Bolton. I was rescued by Lily’s Pad Rescue and found my fur ever family with my Mom and sisters. My Mom always says we are Bolton girls


All about my goofy self and my antics!


I'm an English Bulldog adopted from Opies "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue. I live in Wisconsin with my mom, dad, and two dog siblings, Ashby and Rainier. I was born with Spina Bifida and have to wear a diaper all my life, but that doesn't get me down! I'm going to be a future therapy dog and teach kids about how awesome difference are!


Welly, the Bulldog Puppy, was rescued from a breeder who was trying to breed dogs with "rare colors" which instead, caused Welly to be born paralyzed with Spina Bifida. Check out his new lease on life!


We have a very unique case with us now that is a spinal case, but not IVDD.


This is Toby, he has spina bifida and is an amputee, this is him when he arrived at our canine rehabilitation centre 3 weeks ago....


Butterball and his new bestie 😁 This is why I raise money sometimes to get dogs from CL. This boy with Spina Bifida is exactly where he should be!


Our 2 year old newly adopted English bulldog Rocky . Rocky is a special needs dog born with Spina Bifida, but that doesn't slow him down.


Meet Charm! This sweet English/American bully has Spina Bifida so is incontinent and needs a cart but is such a wonderful loving and happy girl.


Puddles is a Homeward Bound Rescue dog...who has spina bifida. His Mom Michelle is a special lady who does what she can to make his life fabulous.


World...meet Harley D! He is a 12 week old English Bulldog puppy with Spina Bifida. He is as sweet as they come and has the fight that it takes to live a long and happy life!


foster puppy, she has spina bifida


Why support Road Dogs?  This little 6 week-old dude was surrendered by his breeder due to paralysis - most likely Spina Bifida.


This is AJ, the Frenchie pup we rescued last night. He has spina bifida and will be going to a rescue that specializes in dogs that have special needs.


GRIFFIN Bassett, 8/1/2008~4/3/2014; We honor & celebrate the life of GRIFFIN on this page.


Hi and Welcome to "Cartman and his Diaper Posse! We want to bring awareness to special needs bulldogs and their care.


The House That Love Built is home to 4 very special English Bulldogs. 3 of our furkids are special needs.


Tri came to his family from a wonderful rescue, Opies "Special Needs" English Bulldog Rescue. Tri is a 3-legged English Bulldog.



Maemo the Blind English Bulldog...and all of her Special Needs English Bulldog.
Noelle, Sullivan, Buddy & Tula


Wednesday was a Handicapped Stray Rescued off the Streets of Bucharest, Romania in 2011. He now lives with his Forever Family in the USA! Wednesday is turning 8 years old on August 31, 2017.


Chance is a Bulldog puppy rescued by Love & Second Chances when he was set for euthanasia at the shelter. He is now with his forever family in Maine


Booda is a special needs English Bulldog puppy, follow his journey.


My name is Charlie, also known as Chuck Taylor. I'm a French Bulldog that was born with Spina Bifida...I met the folks at Lily's Pad Rescue. I got to hang out with them for a while until they helped me find my forever family!


Welly, the Bulldog Puppy, was rescued from a breeder who was trying to breed dogs with "rare colors" which instead, caused Welly to be born paralyzed with Spina Bifida.

How-To Videos:
We referred to these videos often while preparing to care for Buster.  There are many videos done by compassionate people helping to educate and share their experiences with other members of the “special needs” community.  We are so grateful for them. 

Express Bladder


There are many techniques when caring for an SB pup, feel free to email us with any of your "how to" or "must haves."  info@caninespinabifidawarrior.com