Welcome to Canine Spina Bifida Warrior! This website was created in honor of Buster, our English bulldog with spina bifida.  Our goal is to provide education for prospective pet parents and raise awareness of the general public to dogs with spina bifida through our personal experiences and research.

Most people aren’t aware that spina bifida can occur in dogs, and before Buster – neither was I.  The vast majority of puppies born with this disease are euthanized upon diagnosis for not being profitable for the breeder.  Our hope is that through education, support, and awareness that this grim statistic can start to change. 

We want to inspire breeders to reach out to rescue groups instead of resorting to euthanasia, and t
o practice responsible breeding practices. These dogs are living creatures, not inventory.

We want to educate veterinarians about rescue groups and sanctuaries that take in spina bifida and special needs dogs.

We want to empower rescue organizations to step up and accept dogs with spina bifida or other special needs, and for the public to feel informed and confident in supporting and helping these rescue groups.

We want to encourage the public to seek out adoptions from rescue organizations, humane societies and shelters. "Shelters have many purebred dogs. For those set on buying a registered purebred, visit a breed rescue group or ethical breeder.” If someone is dead-set on obtaining a dog from a breeder, we encourage research and diligence to ensure the breeder is registered and practicing responsible and ethical breeding practices.   The best way to locate a responsible breeder is to contact a breed specific organization or a local kennel club.

We aren’t experts, we’re just pet parents of a spina bifida puppy that have found the experience of caring for him extremely rewarding.  We encourage questions and conversation, so please feel free to reach out and learn more about these amazing dogs and ways you can help. 

Buster is spina bifida beautiful. Buster is spina bifida strong. He is alive today because a rescue said yes.