Born May 5, 2018. Incontinent due to spinal cord defect/spina bifida. Will require a diapering system for life. To apply, please email me at to request an application.

Foster Location:
Near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Age: 2 years (9-18-2014)
Sex: Male
Weight: 21lbs
Kids: 10 yrs and older
Cats: Maybe, dog savvy cats
Dogs: Calm, submissive dogs only
Adoption fee: $350
Fenced Yard: Required

Sweet little Gunner is looking for his forever family. He is a year old, and on the smaller side for a Bully. He does have Spina Bifida and is a diaper bully but as always, we at Moe Moe's Rescue strive to help educate and continue to provide support those who are interested in adopting.

He is great with kids and would love an active home with a nice backyard to sunbathe and run a bit. He needs to be the only dog or in a home with a submissive female . He is affectionate and playful. Gunner is just like any other puppy but he wears diapers. We can place him in most states so please share.

If you are interested in Gunner; please go to our website and fill out an application today We do not reply to questions until we receive your completed application.

The following are courtesy listings of spina bifida dogs available for adoption.   If you are interested in one of these amazing dogs, please reach out to the rescue for more information. These dogs, and others with special needs, may be available for you to give a "forever home" today!

Spina bifida dogs are truly a blessing, and there is a supportive community of kind people that have blazed a trail and are here to support and answer any questions you may have.

A spina bifida adoption means another amazing life can be saved.

If you know of an SB pup available for adoption and would like to be added to this list please email:

Olive loves squeaky toys. She knows how to bite them repeatedly to make the sound continue non-stop. She quickly drops one toy to run to the next. Rope toys are a must for this chewing bulldog pup. She loves to chew so when she comes for your shoes (and your feet!) you have to distract her with a toy. She drops to her blankets and bed when she is tired, napping regularly and settling well through the night.
Olive eats three small meals a day of puppy food. We add a bit of Organic pumpkin to keep her stools regular. She gobbles all her food quickly and carries the dish around when she is finished.
Olive has Spina Bifida and is incontinent she does wear diapers.
Olive is truly a love muffin that is going to make some lucky family very happy.
If you are interested in Olive, please visit our website:, and read through our adoption criteria to see if you meet our requirements. If you do, please fill out an application to adopt.
Olive’s adoption fee is: $650.00     Illinois English Bulldog Rescue

This big guy is Dave. He is an 8 month old english bulldog. Dave was born with Spina Bifida. He has trouble walking and requires diapers for life due to incontinence. But don't let his special needs deter you. Moe Moe's will provide wheels for Dave to use as his legs so he can keep up with anyone in his family.

He is up-to-date on all vaccinations and has no other major health issues. Dave gets along great with children, but we suggest 10 yrs or older because he's a big fellow. He likes other dogs but we aren't sure about cats.

If you want a gentle giant who is happy, loving and sweet then Dave might be your guy.

The perfect adopter will be someone who is home most of the day for diaper changes.

If you are interested in adopting Dave, please go to and fill out our adoption application.

Meet this beautiful little girl, Olive. She absolutely adores being around people. She will sit in your lap and roll around. Olive loves to be pet and rubbed behind the ears. She will give you kisses while you pet her. Her soft fur feels like cashmere and her markings are adorable. What a beauty!
Olive is estimated to be 11-13 weeks old. The first part of her little life is somewhat of a mystery. She was discovered after being abandoned in a cardboard box, together with another pup. A good Samaritan brought her to the Anti Cruelty Society where volunteers contacted IEBR. Olive has now been in her temporary foster home for one week and this is where she has responded so well to love and adoration.
Olive is very mobile, she walks and runs around and loves to explore the garden rolling around in the grass and chasing leaves. Olive can climb up two steps and navigate furniture, toys or any obstacle in front of her. She will run into your arms if you call her name! She does have the tendency to have her back legs collapse when she is standing idle, hinting at some mobility functional shortfalls.

Mabel is a 5 year old (5/21/13) spayed female French Bulldog, who comes to us via owner surrender after she decided she no longer cared for the tiny human in the home. She is paralyzed in the hind end due to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). She is also incontinent of urine and stool.

Even though Mabel is paralyzed, she is very skilled in her pretty pink cart! She takes Gabapentin twice a day to help manage any pain associated with IVDD. She is getting use to wearing a diaper, and also has her bladder expressed a few times per day to help prevent urinary tract infections.

Mabel's perfect family will have the patience to help her with her cart, her diapering, and bladder expression. They will have NO SMALL CHILDREN, so kids 10 and over only and must have good manners.

Complete online application at

Hi, I am Sumo and am almost 1 year old. I love people, dogs, and cats. I get along with all ages of people and I am very gentle and calm. I do have a medical condition - spina bifida - that requires diaper changes 4-6 times daily. Bulldogs born with spina bifida are incontinent for life. I also cannot live in a home with stairs. But none of this stops me from being a happy and enthusiastic puppy!

Southern California Bulldog Rescue

Looking for Forever Homes

Bandit came into French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue after being found as a stray on the streets in New York. The family that found him had him neutered and brought up to date on vetting but with two young children, one being special needs, they did not have the time to care for a special needs dog as well. They reached out to rescue for helping place Bandit and ended up with us in FBSCR!
Bandit is a typical young Frenchie and has a lot of get up and go! He absolutely loves to run and play! He is a love bug and loves human affection and hanging out with his people. He likes his chew toys/bones, and while he is not picky, he will play with anything you give him. He LOVES his elk antler! Bandit usually gets along well with everyone he meets but seems to do best with other submissive dogs, as he does play a little rough from time to time and seems to have a dominant personality. He also gets a little protective of his food, and does some resource guarding during feeding times, so he will need to always be fed separately from any other dogs in his home to avoid issues during dinnertime. He is young and needs a family that can provide him with rules, boundaries, continued training and, above all, consistency in his daily routine. Bandit currently lives with children, ages 11, 12 & 14 and seems do well with them. We think he would be fine with older respectful, gentle children in his new home, ages 10yrs and up.
Medically, Bandit does have a deformed spine that he was born with. During his time with us at FBSCR he saw a specialist, had an MRI, and was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. He also had corrective surgery for his Spina Bifida in hopes of stopping the disease’s progression as he ages. Due to his spinal deformities, he has some weakness in his hind end, but does still get around surprisingly well. Bandit is incontinent and so his foster mom just diapers his to help avoid any mess, which means he must be kept clean and free of urine and fecal matter when he goes so that he does not get skin infections or skin irritation. Bandit will need regular urine checks at the vet to ensure no UTI (due to incontinence) and typically goes through 4 diapers daily (size 4 pull-up style.) He is on a daily medication to help with urine dribbling. Bandit’s new family will need to be willing and able to provide the level of care he requires, including continuing his daily medication for life. His foster mom is happy to go over his routine with any potential adopters to make sure they will be the best match possible for little Bandit. As Bandit ages, he will need a family that is truly committed to seeing to his medical needs, including facing the possibility that he may end up needing a cart when he is older. Although not in pain now, he will need to be monitored so that his condition doesn’t become painful. While in foster care, Bandit has started rehab with physical & laser therapy along with acupuncture, which his new family will need to be willing to maintain for him. After his surgery, Bandit seems to be a bit more tender on his right side, under his rib cage area, (he has never bitten, but he will warn of pain with a snap) so care will need to be taken when picking him up to ensure that he is held gently and not dropped or roughly handled. Despite all of this, he is determined that his disability will not hinder him! He runs and plays with the best of them. Bandit does not do stairs well and a home with few to no stairs will be preferred for him. Other than his back issues, Bandit seems to be in great health! He has no other known health issues, and has been neutered and is UTD on all of his vaccinations/dewormings.
Bandit should not be allowed up on furniture without very strict supervision. If he fell or jumped down, he would be at risk for injuring his back further. Bandit’s foster family reports that he is crate trained and does well in his kennel. As with all of our foster dogs, and especially for Bandit, who is still a puppy, we recommend that they keep a similar crating schedule when their humans are away from the home and/or they are left unsupervised so they are safe and secure while no one is home.
A home with a fenced yard will be required for him. A home with stairs will be considered, if the adoptive family is willing and able to carry his up and down stairs, everytime he would need to go up or down them, AND have baby gates in place so that he cannot access stairs at all on his own. A family where someone works from home would be preferred but is not necessary. He would do fine with a family who works away from the home as long as someone could come home and check on his midday. He’d love to go work with his new family if they wanted to take his with them to the office (he loves car rides!) as long as the office was pet friendly. He currently goes to work with his current foster mom quite frequently! If not, he’s completely happy sleeping the day away in his kennel!
Here is a note from Bandit’s foster family:
“This little guy has so much life and spunk in him, you cannot help but fall in love … He is a good example of how a disability shouldn’t define who you are…without his diaper on he looks & acts like a normal 14 month old puppy!”

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Bandit please fill out an adoption application today!
French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue does not ship dogs as cargo. Adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from the foster family. Please be prepared to pick up Bandit in person if you are interested in adopting him!

"Brody " he is 3 yrs old, neutered, up to date on vaccinations. Has spina bifida with urine and bowel incontinence. He is a big ham and a lover. He has been great with other dogs. He does get startled by loud noises. He does well with our female bully and our chihuahua and does like to clean their faces and ears. He loves Kong toys. He loves to cuddle and likes to watch TV. He weighs 58 lbs. He is on heartgaurd. He eats Nutromax Limited Ingredient with honest kitchen brave mixed in. He is excellent with people and kids.He knows sit and he will kennel himself for breakfast and dinner.
Located in Utah, transport can be arranged.

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