Gidget was born July 3, 2018 to a breeder, breeding exotic mini-bulldogs.  After being sold and returned for inability to potty train, the breeder was advised by their veterinarian to euthanize her because she had a urinary tract infection. Thankfully, a rescue organization was notified and stepped in to save her life and we adopted her January 31, 2019.  She was born with a form of dwarfism called osteochondrodysplasia, stage three kidney disease, spina bifida, a fused tail, and skeletal and muscle weakness in her rear legs. All of these congenital defects are a direct result of inbreeding.  Gidget has a long road ahead, but we know her spunky zest for life will serve her well.  Gidget is a great example of why the public should, “Adopt, Don’t  Shop!”.  The demand for the bulldog breed’s “cute but unhealthy” features leads to breeding programs that produce a high number of deformed and unhealthy dogs in the search for sought after traits like green eyes, tri-color coats, smashed faces and miniature stature. The vast majority of these “defective” dogs are euthanized immediately. Don’t participate in a system that ignores the value of a life!

We had no idea that a little bulldog puppy would come into our life and fill us with so much joy, happiness and love. Always happy, she was up for whatever the day's adventures had in store and would keep us laughing with her unique antics. She came to us with many advanced medical needs. In spite of this, she fought so hard and was so brave. After 6 days in the ICU, and with her kidneys failing, we decided it was time for her to go be with the rest of our family on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge: Tali, Tamah, Tuffy, Max and Landry. She passed, May 7th 2019, at home surrounded by love and her family.

Words can't express how much we love you and wished so desperately that we had more time. We know you touched everyone that you met and were an inspiration to so many. We prayed for a miracle, but realized the miracle was simply having you in our lives for the time that we did. We will miss you, our little "Girl Boss".

Born December 12th, 2016; Buster is an english bulldog with spina bifida and joined our family August 6th, 2017.  Buster is the life of the party, a champion snorer and full of puppy power!!  Most dogs born with spina bifida are automatically euthanized.  Through awareness that is changing. Buster and so many others with this neural tube defect prove every day that every life matters and every life deserves a chance. Buster is Peanuts soulmate and truly a blessing. 

Having a genetic predisposition, he recently underwent  his third patellar luxation surgery, attending weekly physical therapy, laser therapy and hydrotherapy.  He faces his challenges head on with a fighting spirit .

​​Frank was born May 6th 2019, the day before our sweet Gidget passed away.  Frank was born with hip dysplasia, bilateral patellar luxations, urinary calculi, 2 locations of butterfly spine, Spina Bifida and mobility impairments. In the summer of 2019, Frank become paralyzed in his back legs.  With the help of our amazing neurologist, Frank headed to UC Davis at the beginning of 2020 where he had tethered cord surgery with the renowned canine spina bifida research surgeon, Dr. Beverly Sturges. Post surgery has been intensive rehab including acupuncture, physical therapy, aqua therapy, theraplate and laser. As he advances in his movement Frank's next goal is to tackle bi-lateral knee and hip surgery.  We couldn't be more proud of his determination and spirit! 
We volunteered to help with his transport from California as a breeder surrender.  It became clear after he was safe with his rescue that a bond had formed and we knew Frank was meant to be.  He joined our family July 20th 2019.  Frank became an instant member of the pack, forming a special connection with Peanut.  Frank is all puppy and fearless!  He gets around in his own special way, not letting any obstacle slow him down.  He is best known for his curiosity and CHOMPS!!!